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Coaching Objective: 

Develop the attackers ability to eliminate by widening their drag and accelerating away from the contest on their open stick side.


Being able to eliminate at lower speed is a great way to get out of situations where attackers are surrounded by defenders or a great way to set up counter attacks when you turn the ball over.

Coaching points

  1. Keep the body upright and drive at the player.
  2. The ball is held at 1 o'clock on the forehand side and the attacker approaches the defender with the body positioned in a way that they can either pass or drag the ball either way, creating indecision in the defenders mind.
  3. This position also facilitates vision to the left and allowing movement of the ball left initially.
  4. Use the body to sell the defender to their open stick side prior to dragging the ball wide to their reverse stick side and outside of their own right foot.
  5. The attacker then pushes off their left leg to accelerate away from the contact.
  6. The width of the drag to the reverse side is what beats the defender, not the speed. 

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