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Coaches Objective:

To teach the attacker to eliminate the defender by making them commit to a reverse stick tackle before dragging the ball back and eliminating them on their open stick side.


Defenders will often look to channel attackers onto their open stick side as it's easier to make a tackle and harder to eliminate as an attacker. Therefore, getting them to commit on their reverse stick side and eliminate on their open stick side can be a huge advantage. 


Coaching points


  1. The ball is carried at 1 o'clock on the open stick side and the attacker approaches the defender in a position to pass or drag the ball either way, allowing movement in either direction causing indecision due to a lack of cues for the defender to read.
  2. The ball is moved relatively slowly left to the forehand side of the defender - the defender will know this is a dummy and expect the attacker to attempt to eliminate on the other side. 
  3. A quick drag to the defenders reverse side will shift their balance and stick to this side. 
  4. The final quick drag back to the defenders open side will eliminate the defender -it's the speed of the drag and ball position that beats the defender in this instance. 


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