Drill Categories


Barge Ball

category: 8-Block-Drills

Players stand on both sides of the net and all players have a ball in their hand. They are supposed to jump at the same time as the player opposite th...

Controlled Underhand Pass And Receive

category: 4-Passing-Drills

In pairs, get the players to face each other.

Player 1 underarm throws the ball high to his/her partner so they have to receive the ball usi...

Dig And Sideways Underhand Pass

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Players dig the ball, set up their position and then underhand pass sideways to their partner.

Before the second underhand pass is possible...

Dig Technique Drill

category: 5-Drills

Volley the ball to your partner who digs the ball to themselves then volleys the ball back and you do the same for a set time or number of good con...

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Introducing the Bump Set

Teach your players how to build the bump and use it to set their team-mates up in this grassroots volleyball technique session

Community Drills


The objective of this exercise is to get a better technique pitch, the player must perform as many repetitions without dropping the balloon should onl...

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Passing the ball between each other using different types of passing techniques ( overhand and underhand technique)Students should get on time under t...

Copy of FBSO / No Easy Points

Server and three blockers on ones side.Full team on other side.Server serves. Full team is in serve receive for rotation 1, passes and attempts ...