Spiking for Beginners

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Spiking is an excellent skill to use in volleyball, as it is often where a team will score most of their points.

Although it is difficult to master, it's far from impossible, and that's what this plan aims to teach your players. If a player can learn the proper technique of attacking the ball with a spike, all the way from the approach to the contact, they will soon be able to win points on a regular basis.

What's in the Session?

Packed with 9 excellent video drills perfect for teaching the spike and improving a player's power. We start with warm-ups to build the power in your players' arms and legs before gradually introducing the ball, followed by the correct technique for the spike. We have a number of fun drills that work on the approach, before moving on to teach the hit, and we then put this all together, so that your players know exactly what they're doing, from approach to hit!

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