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Target Serving

category: 7-Serve-Drills

Volleyball Target Serving 7 Serve Drills Numbers 1 and 2 serve and aim at the targets. The other players must act as ball boys and keep up the supply...

Amoeba Serve Game

category: 9-Conditioned-games

Volleyball Amoeba serve game 9 Conditioned games The drill starts with a player from each side serving a ball. They then go and sit down where their ...


category: SMVT-SERVING

Volleyball SMVT:SERVING SMVT:SERVING Roll ball under net to partner.

Serve Accuracy

category: 7-Serve-Drills

Volleyball Serve accuracy 7 Serve Drills 1) This drill involves a number (a minimum of three) of players standing on the baseline as if ready to serv...

Underhand Serving: 3

category: VST-SERVING

Volleyball Underhand Serving: 3 VST:SERVING Stage three of the serving progressions; Working in pairs, players throw the ball to go over the net to t...

2 Player Serve

category: MVT-SERVING

Volleyball 2 Player Serve MVT:SERVING Players 1 and 2 serve 5 balls each. Players 3 and 4 pass the ball to player 5 who catches the ball and rolls it...

Slow Motion Serve

category: VST-SERVING

Volleyball Slow Motion Serve VST:SERVING Keep eyes on the ball, and other arm used as a guide. Player leans slightly back prior to contact with the b...

Underhand Serving

category: 2-Warm-Up

Volleyball Underhand Serving 2 Warm Up A fun and simple way to introduce the serve. Using the underhand serve players pass the ball over the net one ...

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Serving Technique

Feet position Right Handers-left foot at 12 and right foot at 2, as if it was a clock. Left Handers-Right foot at 12 and Left foot at 10, as if it w...

Serve and Run

- all players start at the basline on one side of the court- race to 21 (or whatever number the coach/players choose)- players serve, shagg their ball...

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This is a serving accuracy drill. The ball is to be served six times by each player. He is to serve the ball once to each of the six players in the t...