Serve up a storm - Accuracy, Consistency and Power

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This volleyball training plan looks at your players' serving - getting them to serve up a tempest delivery that smashes into the opposition's side and puts them under pressure.

Designed for all ages - whether your players underarm or overarm serve, this is the session for you. It gets everyone involved so that all your players can practice their toss up and flat palm slap to fire the ball into enemy territory.

Every point in volleyball starts with a service and if you want to win the point the key thing is getting the ball up and over... consistently! - There's nothing more frustrating than working hard to win back the service, only to hand it straight back to the other team by drilling the ball into the net.

To ensure your players are able to deliver accurately, consistently and powerfully we've designed this session to be keep your players focused, from warm-up to final game!

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