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3 Step Block


Volleyball 3 Step Block SMVT:BLOCKING Start with feet just wider than shoulder width apart; take the first step with the foot nearest the intended di...

Block And Smash

category: 8-Block-Drills

Volleyball Block and smash 8 Block Drills The player with the ball throws the ball up towards the net, setting themsleves up to then try and smash th...

Cross Step To Block 2

category: 8-Block-Drills

Volleyball Cross Step To Block 2 8 Block Drills Two feeders on platforms 3-4 metres apart, feeding alternately for a blocker who cross steps to block...

Left To Right - Blocking Marathon

category: 8-Block-Drills

Volleyball Left to Right - Blocking Marathon 8 Block Drills Working on good form and not drifting when jumping. Penetrating the net with their hands ...

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Community Drills

BLOCKING - Drill One and Two

3 blockers and 3 players on a bench;Players on the bench take it in turns to throw the ball (quickly) to each other. On the third catch the player sl...