Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Player 1 (setter) in Zone 3 jumps to imitate a block at the net, lands and turns to face the back of the court.

Player 2 then feeds a high ball (a) to player 1. Player one will then set the ball up close to the net on the left hand side of the court (b) so player 3 (running in from zone 5) can finish with a left side attack.

Players 1 and 2 then repeat steps 2 and 3. This time player 1 sets up the ball close to the net on the right hand side of the court (c) so player 4 (running in from zone 1) can finish with a right side attack.

Repeat steps one and two, but this time player 2 should set the ball up (d) so player 1 can attempt a ball tipping.

Coaching points

It is very important to have a setter who can systematically set or score at any time so this drill flows.


To imitate a game situation ask players to pass the ball to different zones so a setter would have to approach run before setting.

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