Set And Spike

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Set And Spike 11 Spiking The spiker begins by setting the ball to the setter, who spikes the ball in return. The spiker now digs the ball ...

Spike And Receive

category: 4-Passing-Drills

Volleyball Spike And Receive 4 Passing Drills Players work in pairs and have a ball each. They overhand pass the ball high at the same time and then ...

Jumping To Spike

category: 1-Techniques

Volleyball Jumping to Spike 1 Techniques Players move towards the net as the coach feeds the ball up. Players must position themselves close to the n...

Dig, Spike And Block Imitation

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Dig, spike and block imitation 11 Spiking Starting on the attack line, the players imitate a dig. Then, they jog forward to perform a spik...

Standing Spike Into The Net

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Standing Spike Into The Net 11 Spiking Standing on the attack line in pairs, one player underhand throws the ball high, and the other swin...

Matchlike Spike And Dig 2

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Matchlike Spike and Dig 2 11 Spiking 2 players stand on either side of the net, and the receiver starts with the ball by overhand passing ...

Set And Left Wing Spike

category: 11-Spiking

Description. One player overhand throws the ball from Zone 3 to the left wing. Attackers approach and spike. Coaching points. Have players start appr...

2 V 2 Mini Match

category: 5-Drills

Play a 2 v 2 mini-match, on which setters and spikers play their roles throughout. Spikers dig and take kills while setters only set. All attacks g...

Web Videos


Spiking for Beginners

Learning to spike - Teach your players the perfect technique to spike, all the way from approach, to jump, to hit.

Setting: Approach And Accuracy

Every good spike is backed by a good set. Coach your players accuracy and consistency in this session packed with video drills!


Community Drills

Spike In Partners

Get players into pairs and have them standing across from each other on the court, and with a ball between them. Standing on the ground, the player wi...

Game Situation -Jail

Select 4 players and put them into the 'Jail' side of the net Line the rest of the players up with a ball each The player tosses the ball hig...

Pair warm up widthwise

Toss, spike, pass, setlong-short passing2 contacts setting the ball above head in the half distance between players