Setting: Approach And Accuracy

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This session is a setter's masterclass! Every good spike is backed by a good set. That's why it's so important to teach this skill.

Despite being a relatively easy skill to learn, the set can often be very hard to master. The key is to keep the ball on your fingertips and not ever touch it with your palms, which is something this session teaches your players from the start.

With 7 superb video drills, this is a must-have session that you can use with your team tonight!

What's in the Session?

Starting with a fun warm up that can be done in pairs or individually, we get your players working on their body position. This is followed up by clever movement drills that get players used to setting to positions that they would in a match, using targets to make this session even more fun. Finally, the session culminates in a fun game that works on everything learnt in the session, improving consistency and accuracy.

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