Volleyball Drill Demonstration


This drill requires one setter and two or more receivers.

The coach or a teammate throws balls from the other side of the net. Player 1 receives the ball by digging it to their teammate who sets the ball, whereby player 1 runs to the net to spike the ball.

When using more than one receiver the person feeding should throw another ball into play the moment player 1 spikes. This way the player covering the backcourt can get into position to dig, move and spike to mimic a game situation.

Coaching points

In this drill players must cover the backcourt all the time and be ready for a spike. The setter should watch the backcourt after he/she has set so they know where the next ball will be coming from.


For advanced players the balls should be thrown flat to make digging harder. In addition the frequency of the balls be thrown into play should be higher, this will force players to perform quicker footwork to get into position.

Drill tags: moving, passing

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