Volleyball Fitness and Workout Plan

Volleyball is far more than just serves and spikes. It is a high-intensity sport that requires high levels of fitness. That's why this volleyball training plan works your players hard, to improve their fitness levels so they can perform better for longer.

Fitness training for volleyball can be tricky as there are many parts of the game that need to be worked on. That's why we've crammed them all into one super session covering:

*Sprint speed and Stamina,
*Explosive plyometric power and
*Upper body strength

What's in the Session?

This conditioning plan covers all aspects of fitness training, from plyometric leg exercises to help those explosive jumps to speed and stamina training in the form of tough Suicides, which will work your team to their limit.

Plyometrics are also covered to help with those explosive jumps that are so crucial in volleyball, while strength and conditioning is also covered, to give your players a full body workout.

Take a look at this session and get your players working harder than ever before!

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