Volleyball Drill Demonstration


In pairs player 1 stand at the net on the opposite side of the court to player 2, who is standing close to the attack line facing the net.

Player 1 then passes the ball to the baseline on the opposite side of the net.

Player 2 runs back and digs the ball back to the net, where player 1 is now standing after moving underneath the net into the setting position after the initial pass.

Player 2 then runs from the baseline and spikes the ball. He/she then moves underneath the net to the opposite side of the court to begin the drill again.

Each pair has 10 attempts, the best ratio of 'well done/missed' wins.

Coaching points

Every second attempt players should change their roles so they practise their spiking and setting, and the better spiker is not spiking all the time.

Average rating

Drill tags: movement, passing, setting, spiking

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