Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Player 1, standing at the net, performs a block movement, and returns back to zone 1 behind the attack line.

Player 2 (standing close to the net in zone 4) then hits the ball to player one to mimic an opponents spike.

Player 1 then digs up the ball to player 3 (who is standing close to the net in the centre of the court), who then sets up player 1 to finish with a right side attack.

The drill is then repeated.

Coaching points

Using a fourth player the ball can be fed from a different position during the drill. So as player 1 returns to his zonal position, player 4 (standing near the centre of the base line) feeds the ball to player 3, who sets up the ball for player 1 to finish with a right side attack.


As roles in Zone 2 and 4 are similar this exercise should also be done on left side of half-court. You may also want to insist on accuracy from your players e.g. in digging what is difficult on strong kills.

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