Develop serve accuracy to win more points

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Losing points from the serve can be frustrating, but by using this plan to increase your players control of the overhand serve and it can be easily fixed.

Starting with the warm up, including backwards overhand passing, these drills will give your players the skills to make the ball land where they want.

Then watch as they develop their ability to strike the ball at various speeds and trajectories to boost their serving options so when matchday comes, they can start winning points and matches.

Keep it simple

By going back to basics and getting your players to focus on landing the ball where they want it will stop them making unforced errors.

Build their service game confidence by practising simple cross court passing, down the line shots and ball striking ability using these drills. That way when your team steps onto the court they will have the skills to save service points and as they start to progress dominate play from the off set.

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