Drill Categories


Jumping To Spike

category: 1-Techniques

Volleyball Jumping to Spike 1 Techniques Players move towards the net as the coach feeds the ball up. Players must position themselves close to the n...

Jump Serve From The Baseline

category: 7-Serve-Drills

Volleyball Jump Serve From the Baseline 7 Serve Drills Standing a few metres behind the baseline, player begins to toss, approach, jump and serve the...

Jump And Catch

category: 2-Warm-Up

Volleyball Jump and Catch 2 Warm Up Coach feeds the ball for the player to practice the correct footwork for an attack approach to jump and catch.

Jump Set

Volleyball Jump Set 10 Setting Drills This drill can be performed in pairs, or players can perform it individually against a wall. Players set the ba...

Attacking Jump-Volley

category: 2-Warm-Up

Volleyball Attacking Jump-Volley 2 Warm Up The person on the side of the mats feeds the ball to the two players opposite who communicate and pass the...

Approach, Jump And Clap

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Approach, Jump And Clap 11 Spiking Players approach and jump and imitate a spike by holding the non-hitting hand up and hitting it as it i...

Approach And Jump

category: 7-Serve-Drills

Volleyball Approach and Jump 7 Serve Drills Player starts within zone 6, facing the net. Start with right foot in front if right handed, and left foo...

Approach And Jump

category: 11-Spiking

Volleyball Approach And Jump 11 Spiking Players stand on the attack line facing the net. If the player is right handed, they start with a left leg st...

Jump And Catch


Volleyball Jump and Catch VSW:READY TO POUNCE Coach feeds the ball for the player to practice the correct footwork for an attack approach to jump and...

Jump, Dive And Dig Progression

category: 6-Advanced-Drills

Volleyball Jump, Dive And Dig Progression 6 Advanced Drills Players work in pairs facing each other. The player opposite starts with the ball and und...

Web Videos


Spiking for Beginners

Learning to spike - Teach your players the perfect technique to spike, all the way from approach, to jump, to hit.

Prepare and Spike

The perfect kill shot - The Spike! Teach your players how to improve their technique to master the spike today!


Community Drills

Spike In Partners

Get players into pairs and have them standing across from each other on the court, and with a ball between them. Standing on the ground, the player wi...

Game Situation -Jail

Select 4 players and put them into the 'Jail' side of the net Line the rest of the players up with a ball each The player tosses the ball hig...

Smashball - Level 2

Team A serves the ball from behind the 2-meter line (badminton court) or the 3-metre line (volleyball court). This can be an overarm or underarm serv...