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Place one cone on the baseline, and a second cone 3 metres in front of the first cone on the court.

Players stand next to the baseline cone. They then jump over the cone - feet together - from side to side twice before running to the second one where they again jump over the cone twice.

After that players move to the attack line and perform two high knee jumps and finish it with two block jumps at the net.

The players then do the drill in reverse, until they are back at their starting position.

Coaching points

It is very important to tell players to bring their knees up as high as they can on the jumps.

This is plyometric drill in which jumping abilities are the top aim.

Repeating this type of exercises improves maximal jumping reach.


As players get fitter, ask them to do it within a set time or add morte cones.

Drill tags: agility, blocking

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