Warm Up Games and Drills

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This week's session has been created to bring a bit of variety to your team's Warm Up Routines.

It's easy to look on warming up as a bit of a formality, something that has to be done, before you get down to the serious business of training. However, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of a good warm up - not only is it a great way to get your players physically ready it's also a way to start as you mean to go on and get your players mentally prepared.

To get your players' blood pumping and add a bit of interest to your warm ups this week's warm up ideas have been split into three categories:

Ice Breaker Drills, Moving to meet the Ball exercises and Passing Warm Ups

Bring something new to your pre-match warm ups with this week's mixture of running, jumping and passing skill drills!

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