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I need some agility pole drills does anyone out there?

I need some agility pole drills does anyone out there have any or can you tell me a free web site for the drills?

Archived User Coach

are there rugby specific agility/ reactive agility?

are there rugby specific agility/ reactive agility tests available

Archived User Coach

How do you afitness test on your players to see how fit the are

How do you afitness test on your players to see how fit the are.

Archived User Coach

First time coaching the U13s next season - any tips greatly appreciated!

I have just started helping our head coach with under12's team. He wants to retire and has put me forward to be head coach next season. I am a little worried on how i should aproach training with the boys, going to a full 15 a side team on a full pitch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Archived User Coach

U10s organisation in defence. How to improve?

I have started an under 10s team up, and I would say about 8 from the 13 children I have , did not play rugby until about 6 months ago. Of these players, there seems to be a lot of potential, as we are scoring tries against teams, that very rarely concede tries.the problem I got with them, is that we are very poor at organising our selves in defense when the opposition has the ball, which does result in us conceding quite a few tries. We have some very good tacklers in the team. Can anyone offer some ideas on how I can get them to organise themselves? Thanks . Chris.

christopher jenkins Coach, Wales

Warm up to improve agility, balance and coordination?

Can anyone recommend a warm up drill for improving agility, balance and coordination?Currently attending level 1 introducing children to rugby; I have some ideas already in mind. I'm interested to hear other ideas.Thanks

Matthew Langtree Coach, United Kingdom

What are the best drills for outside centre

Drills to add even more speed and agility

Archived User Coach

Developing a 1:1 coaching plan for a junior

Hi I’m a proud dad who wants to help his 12 year old son develop as an aspiring number 12/13. No experience at all coaching but willing to give it a go. He already trains with his team of course but only once a week. I’d like to supplement that with a plan that he and I can follow 2 to 3 times a week but limited realisticallly to he and I. Passing and tackling and speed and agility I’m guessing are key? Anything on decision making would also be good. Any advice gratefully received!

Carl Mooney Coach, England

Reaction time Improvement

How can I improve my U15 reaction timings? They seem so much slower to react than most of the teams they play.

Noel Hill Coach, England

Is there a U7s rugby union coaching plan for week by week

Is there a week by week coaching plan for the U7s? It’s my first time coaching and need some advice and plans. Where do I start? What do I do every week to get them ready for the season Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Liz Coach, Australia

Reduce Numbers in rucks

Hi. I coach a B level under 12 team at school with very mixed abilities. All the other teams we play put all there forwards into the rucks and therefore we have to, to win the ball. Is there a way I can combat this with a few less players in the ruck?

James Pattinson Coach, Australia

How can improve footwork

Attacker must change direction of jog when face defender

Coach, China

unable to view drills

I m checking on agility drills, but when I want to play the drills, it's not getting played

vikash singh chauhan Coach, India


Hi there, I recently purchased a monthly subscription to enhance my knowledge of coaching skills. Yet after payment, I am still unable to view most drills! why is this?

Rhys Briggs Coach, England


What is the role of a fullback during a rugby game and how can he try to read the game

Breezy Coach, South Africa

Access Drills and Purchase a Sport

I am unable to purchase pickleball drills, the content will not load. I also cannot purchase agility drills, the content loads but when I click a locked drill, it loads and loads and never brings me to a purchase page. This is both online and in the app.

Josh Castillo Coach, United States of America
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Coaches from around the world look to Sportplan for coaching confidence.

Sportplan rugby has played a large role in my team's love for the game!

Heather Weston Rugby Coach, United States

I am so pleased with all of the drills and advice on rugby. I am a player for my local club and we don't have a coach at the moment so I, as a senior player, am filling that gap. With your help, the team has been able to improve our skills.

Mokie Tau Rugby Coach, Papua New Guinea

Your tips and session ideas have really brought some interest back to our rugby training. The players and I now really enjoy our training sessions.

Eifion Highes Rugby Coach, United Kingdom

Wow what a great website, I have found sportplan an important tool for me when planning my netball sessions with my netball team. There are alot of very helpful tips/ideas/skills that I can learn and teach to my team. Thank you sportplan I hope to continue to use your helpful tips and to learn more about improving my teams netball skills. Thanks again....keep it up....

Monique New Zealand

I have been using Sportplan now for 3 years and can honestly say that I have never repeated the same session twice. My girls are always focused and are improving every year. Thanks Sportplan.

Debbie Cross Australia

What a fantastic tool. The Chalkboard and session tools make an unbelievable difference in making training plans in both time and organization. I will be instructing all of my assistant coaches that this tool must be used for all sessions during the season, so that we may build a club coaching resource library.

Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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