Rugby Drill Demonstration


3 players line up in a straight line, approximately 10m apart, each standing opposite an agility pole.

  1. The ball is passed by a scrumhalf to the first receiver
  2. The reciver runs straight at the pole and passes the ball to the next player who does the same.
  3. Play continues until the third man has completed the exercise

Coaching points

  • Players must aim to run past the inside of the pole once they have passed it. Focusing on this area means that we will be fixing the defender, working onto their inside shoulder, making it very difficult for them to shift off.
  • We need to ensure that our hips are square, but our torsos are rotated towards where the ball is coming from,
  • When we pass we need to rotate toward the target and open up space to make the pass correctly.

Drill tags: evade, evasion, fix, fixing, running with the ball, warm up

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