Just Cross Court

category: Forehand-Drills

Description. Player A and player B play the points. Player A can't hit down the line from the forehand side. Coaching points. Cross court shot is the...

Line And Cross

category: Doubles-Drills

Tennis Line and Cross Doubles Drills Players work in groups of 4 volleying one ball between 4. Players down 1 end start by always hitting cross court...

Backhand Cross Court With Quick Cones

category: Movement

Tennis Backhand cross court with quick cones Movement Player moves around the cones as fast as possible and hits backhand cross court.


Dealing with moonballers

Make sure that your players deal with moonballers with this session, negotiating the high ball with ease to get in a winning position!

Return Confidence

Don't shy away from the serve! Get your players returning confidently with this week's session!

No more Boring Basket Drills

Make training interesting by mixing up the practices to get your players thinking how to adapt from one situation to the next.


Community Drills

3 Player Rally

Player 1 rallys from the baseline, cross court (CC), down the line (DTL). When rally ends, players rotate.* Begin with consistant, comfortable s...