Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Coach stands on the ad side.
  • Cones are set on the deuce side.
  • Coach throws random balls.
  • Player’s goal is to hit 3 balls in a row back to coach and forth one into the cones.

Coaching points

  • Technically and tactically, the player improves racquet control and also get better with ability to change direction of own shots.
  • Physically and mentally player works on reaction, movement, focus and stress management.
  • Coach should pay attention whether player is able to hit 4 balls in a row without a mistake and how they responds to different types of balls (low, to the forehand, fast etc).
  • Coach can set goals to make a given number of proper sequences done or make player hit an exact number of cones on the court.

Drill tags: rally, forehand, backhand, passing shot, 4 in a row

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