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category: Coordination-Fun-Games

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Lob Game

category: Lob

Tennis Lob Game Lob -The game has two teams of four players each. -Each team consists of two lobbers and two smashers.The smashers must stand in their...


category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Ghosts Coordination / Fun Games -Players hit one shot each and if they return it into court they return to the back of the queue, if they make ...

The Volley Train

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis The Volley Train Coordination / Fun Games - Volley to each others Forehand only. -The first pair to successfully complete the task is the winne...

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Working on Groundstrokes

Teach your players how to improve their power and accuracy, and get them hitting groundstrokes like the pros!

The Serve for Juniors

Develop your juniors serve by starting with the fundamentals. As such a vital part of the game, making training effective yet enjoyable is a must, so ...


Community Drills

Cross court games

Players will play first to 10 in the service boxes, hitting cross court and will only be allowed to hit shots back on their forehand side. This will h...

Activity 1

4 Ball DrillPlayers will hit 4 shots the amount of shits they get in is what their score is.If players get all 4 shots in they win a game first player...

Mini Tennis Games

Pupils stand on one side of the Tennis Net opposite the teacher. Pupils will each hold a tennis racquet ready to strike the ballTeacher will serve all...