Master open stance with forehand stroke

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Send your opponent on the run around with your forehand. This session allows the player to develop a forehand that they can rely upon to hit any corner of the court.

An open stance is a necessity for the modern player but to develop it, you must focus on core strength, balance and footwork. The session covers each of these aspects of the stroke to allow you to choose where to hit the ball on the court.

Start by developing a strong core to give the player the stability to perform a firm, accurate stroke. The session then moves on to continue building the base for the player to generate power from. Balance and footwork are essential for the stroke and with specific exercises, the sessions emphasises this with fun but challenging practices. Once the stroke is built, the last thing is to bring it all together and put into practice picking your spot on the court.

Give your players an advantage in games and get them hitting forehands with confidence.

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