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Psychology in tennis HELP! My ...

Psychology in tennis HELP!!! I have a daughter who is an excellent player who only started playing tennis seriously last yr at the age of 13. She is a much better player than all the people she has completed against in matches but always loses due to over hitting and getting upset if the wrong call is made (which happens frequently due to how fast she hits and serves) do we need some sort of psychological help for this. what is the best way to get this... books, councilling ??? any help would be most appreciated thanks

Archived User Coach

How do you beat someone who is clearly inferior but?

How do you beat someone who is clearly inferior but just keeps the ball in play?

Archived User Coach

Newbie 7th / 8th grade boys tennis coach

My son's 7th and 8th grade tennis team do not have a coach for this season.  I am thinking of voluteering to coach but do not know where to get information and what to do to get started.  Can you give me some suggestions?  Thanks.

Archived User Coach

How many hours must I play tennis ?

How many hours must I play tennis ?

Archived User Coach

I'm coaching middle school tennis for the first time. Where to begin?

Coaching tennis to middle school athletes for the first time. How do I begin?

Rhonda R Lang Coach, United States of America

How to run try-outs, getting 50 students down to 32?

There are 50 students, and I need to select 32 of them. How will you plan your try-out? Test for accuracy? Fitness?

Farhad Roshanaie Coach, United States of America

I want to improve my tennis toughness & play more aggressively - any tips?

I used to play on clay court for 20 years, now it's been two years that I've been exposed to hard court. About my game%3A I have a very good technique on all my strokes including volley, good kick serve, I am 192 cm. My issue%3A I was not taught to play aggressively, now in my matches I don't take the net; consequently, in spite of executing a high level tennis, I loose to some players that I never should. I've read some tennis mental toughness books, I teach them, but I don't know how can I change my own mental set. When I hit top spin (groundies), I enjoy and feel secure, even though it results in my loss and sorrow. I'm ready for change but how?

Farhad Roshanaie Coach, United States of America

What are the hand signals of a tennis umpire?

what are the official hand signals of a tennis umpire

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Are there coaching plans for children's tennis?

Are there any drills or lesson plans for coaching children's tennis?

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Beginning with coaching

I would like to know if there is a package where I can start with my players completely from the beginning. New starters, never played tennis before. I'm also new in coaching tennis, therefore need to learn how to set out a tennis session and how much to do in one session. How to structure the sessions to incorporate all the shots: forehand, backhand, serve, volley etc over how long a time. And also need to know how long a tennis session must be for beginners. How big the group can be to be most effective?

Chrissie Burger Coach, South Africa

Speed and agility in tennis

Why we need speed and agility in tennis?What we can do for speed and agility training?Can you gave me general information for speed and agility in tennis?

Can Deniz Coach, Turkey

Best player - bad attitude/determination?

I have a learner that is super talented, he gets the game, he handles pace, power and depth well. He is aggressive and tennis just comes naturally when it comes to this kid but he lacks determination. I am really struggling to keep him motivated not to loose focus or to let one mistake make his shoulders hang for the rest of the lesson. Footwork is unfortunately a big problem and when he loses a point it's even worse, this kid is just draining me mentally every session, its a mental thing but i'm having trouble defeating it. If i'm too hard on him, he closes down and might as well stop and if i play too much and don't push him, he plays with no effort and just hit very sloppy shots. I do know that his situation at home is not good and i think it has a lot to do with his bad attitude on the court but i really need some advise, this is my hardest lesson to plan, what is most important about my lesson with a student with a bad attitude, no temper but just unmotivated and i don't want to give up because this kid really has the talent...he really can be the next junior champion in Africa if he really wants to. Would really appreciate some tips from the professionals that dealt with this before.

Archived User Coach

I want change my sport subscription

Hi, I have the membership to tennis but I want to change the subscription for table tennis (ping pong) can you help me with that? Or how can I do that? Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

david pulido Coach, Colombia


Hi!I added tennis to my subscription 2 days ago but the additional drills are still locked. Please can you unlock them ASAP as I need to use them. Many thanks

Jane Ledson Coach, England


Hello there,I have upgraded my subscription but all the plans are locked.Can you fix this pleaseGeorgia

Georgia Tzanavaras Coach, Australia

How do I coach 14 girls (varyi...

How do I coach 14 girls, all of varying levels from beginner to advanced on just two courts?

Archived User Coach

What is my fault? Difficulty c...

Helo, my name is Fernando, I am a Spanish tennis teacher who started teaching six months ago. I am working in a public sportcenter and I am having some problems with adults. When I started I realiced that the students were used to playing tennis without any control. Young students told me that the other teacher only used to leave them play - he rarely explained them how to hit the ball. Consequently the do enjoy my clases and they are learning a lot and impoving their level of tennis. So far so good, but the problem is that with the adults I have the impression that they don´t like my clases. In fact some of them left the group at the begining. I try to mix different kinds of drills during the class and I usually finish it with a game like for example 21, winner........ But it seems that they don´t enjoy it. During the exercises most of them don´t try to do what I tell them. As a result, they don´t have a good level of tennis. But as far as I know, the other teacher was a tennis player who uses to play against them during the clases. As this is my first time teaching tennis, I don´t fell confidence and that is the reason whay I do´t like to play against them. Appart from that I think that this is not my role as a teacher. So I would like you to tell me how to deal with that situation. I don´t care if they leave me because this is not going to affect my job, but i wouldn´t like them to leave just because I like tennis and I like teaching tennis. Thank you very much for your help. I am sorry for my English. Best wishes!!!!

Fernando Coach, Spain

Permanent lines for U10 tennis...

I would like to add permanent lines for Under 10 tennis and am wondering if anyone has any experience doing this and can help me avoid problems with adult members?

Archived User Coach
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Sportplan has been very helpful in guiding me through my first year as a High School Coach.

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Thanks for everything! Sportplan has helped me to improve my tennis lessons, making them more interesting and fun.

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Wow what a great website, I have found sportplan an important tool for me when planning my netball sessions with my netball team. There are alot of very helpful tips/ideas/skills that I can learn and teach to my team. Thank you sportplan I hope to continue to use your helpful tips and to learn more about improving my teams netball skills. Thanks again....keep it up....

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I have been using Sportplan now for 3 years and can honestly say that I have never repeated the same session twice. My girls are always focused and are improving every year. Thanks Sportplan.

Debbie Cross Australia

What a fantastic tool. The Chalkboard and session tools make an unbelievable difference in making training plans in both time and organization. I will be instructing all of my assistant coaches that this tool must be used for all sessions during the season, so that we may build a club coaching resource library.

Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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