Body and racquet under control

Spatial awareness on the court is vital to play every shot effectively. Understand where your opponent is, recognise the best type of shot to play and maintain control over your movement and racket head to play the most effective shot. This session works on every aspect.

What's in the Session?

Begin the session with a practice that develops the player balance as a starting point for every shot. Footwork is the forefront of a good, balanced technique and to keep the head still relies on early footwork to get into position as soon as possible. The next stage encourages the player to vary the areas they?re hitting to start developing their balance and footwork into rallies, adjusting from one shot to the other.

The session progresses into working on combinations with the control over the body and racket. Mix up the depth at which the player takes the ball and how that affects how they control their body. The depths of shots and where they take them from change as the session continues, incorporating their serve and where best to target.

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