Surprise opponent with variety

Sometimes, tennis isn?t all about the big booming winners down the line. Although they look great and feel fantastic, keeping your opponent sweating and keeping them sweating with a bit of variety is just as good a play and can be a more successful game plan.

What's in the Session?

The session focuses on building multiple plays into your players game to be able to keep their game unpredictable to keep the opponent uncomfortable at the other side of the net. First off, it starts with building some strength in the shoulders to be able to have control over the racquet head through numerous different shots. As the session progresses, the practices challenge the players different strokes and movement after to set-up point winning plays. Hit a loopy forehand before moving into the net to finish the point with a control volley.

Keep the variety in your players game and don?t allow the opponent to settle with a busy, high-energy performance, built in this session.

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