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Junior Tennis Drills

These dynamic videos are great for juniors and all players who are beginner to intermediate. A series of progressive exercises aiming to develop playe...


Pop Up For Beginners

category: Rally-Drills

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category: Attacking

Tennis Attacking Attacking - Coach feeds in the ball. - The net player can hit any ball, but cannot go behind the service line. - Rotate after 6 point...

Around The World

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

search our library of 1200+ tennis drills · create professional tennis coaching plans · or access our tried and tested tennis plans.

As High As You Can

category: Serve-and-Return

The player faces the back fence and imitates serving action. The player's goal is to reach with the racquet as high as possible and touch the fence...

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Conscious Play at the Net

Have a clear idea of where to hit your volleys. Don't snatch at the volley, control the depth and the speed to be able to gain better court position o...


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