Drill Categories

Junior Tennis Drills

These dynamic videos are great for juniors and all players who are beginner to intermediate. A series of progressive exercises aiming to develop playe...


Pop Up For Beginners

category: Rally-Drills

Players rally together. Players have to pop the ball up before they hit across the net. COACHING POINTS.

As High As You Can

category: Serve-and-Return

The player faces the back fence and imitates serving action. The player's goal is to reach with the racquet as high as possible and touch the fence...

Backhand Rally With Alleys

category: Backhand-Drills

Coach rallies with a player using only backhand cross-court shots. Player tries to hit all the balls deep into the zone. Coach tries to put as many...

Ball Sidestepping

category: Movement

Both players side step along the tramlines throwing the ball (underarm)to each other until they reach the net and then return to the baseline doing...

Web Videos


Conscious Play at the Net

Have a clear idea of where to hit your volleys. Don't snatch at the volley, control the depth and the speed to be able to gain better court position o...



Community Drills

Beginner cardio tennis drills

We've recently picked up tennis as a new sport. It's hard to dedicate enough time to improving your stroke, practicing volleys, and playing the game a...