Tennis Drill Demonstration


Player 1 is feeding from the service box and player 2 starts on the baseline T in the ready position.

Player 1 rolls tennis balls along the ground, in a random pattern, one after the other and player 2 must move to each ball, stop it with their hand before it goes outside the singles tramlines or baseline.

After stopping the ball player 2 should roll it back to player 1 who can then roll the next ball.

Coaching points

It is easy for player 1 to do this with 2 balls alternating.

Player 1 can feed 10 balls in this way before the players switch roles. The drill can be repeated until each player has completed the drill 5 times.

Player 2 should look to move in a low balanced way, using their legs to bend to the ball rather than bending at their waist.

The aim is to get to each ball as quickly as possible and return it to player 1 in the most efficient way.

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