Tennis Drill Demonstration


Player 1 is feeding and can start halfway between the service line and the net with arms outstretched at shoulder height.

Player 2 is working, starting in the ready position on the baseline, but remaining active on the spot.

Player 1 must drop either of the 2 balls they have outstretched in their hands. As soon as player 2 sees this they must sprint forwards and try to get to the ball after 1 bounce.

They then throw the ball back to player 1 and shuffle their feet moving backwards in a relaxed way to get into the start position for the next feed.

Coaching points

5 feeds are completed before the players switch roles and the drill can again be repeated 5 times for each player.

The feeding position can be adjusted forward or backwards depending on the players' speed and physical ability.

The feed should put the player under enough pressure so that they can only just get to the ball maybe 4 out of 5 times.

They need to be pushed!

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