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Players are working in pairs with player 1 feeding from just behind the service box and player 2 starting from the baseline area.

Player 1 can roll, drop, or throw balls in any order or direction to player 2 and player 2 must react accordingly and return the ball to player 1 in the same way it has been fed.

They must reach each and every ball before it goes outside the single tramlines, baseline or in front of the service box. Player 1 can throw the ball straight at player 2 too so they must be ready for anything!

Coaching points

Players are looking to be as sharp as possible here. If the ball is rolled they roll back, if it is thrown with 1 bounce they bounce it back etc.

It is as much a test of co-ordination and concentration as physicality! Be ready...


This time the drill is competitive, if player 1 does not manage to get to the ball before it goes out the designated area, after the 1 bounce or on the full dependant on the feed, they lose a point.

If they complete 5 balls consecutively they gain a point.

Players play first to 7 points before they switch feeding and working roles.

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