Hit the Perfect Forehand!

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This session works on improving your player's footwork when hitting the forehand, giving them the ability to hit a clean groundstroke! It's important to stress to your players that the right technique must go hand-in-hand with the right positioning and footwork. If your players are not well positioned to execute the forehand, they won't make the correct shot and could be put on the back foot!

What's in the session?

By using drills that work on footwork, such as adjustment steps, your player can set themselves up for the best possible position to hit the groundstroke. Start with a simple warm up to get your players fully prepared and focused for the session ahead, ready to give 100%. Go through a number of exercises to work on their close stance and footwork, ensuring your players are able to hit an accurate forehand.

Get your players hitting the forehand consistently and improve their footwork with this session!

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