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-The game has two teams of four players each.
-Each team consists of two lobbers and two smashers.The smashers must stand in their respective service courts.
-Points are scored every time a lob falls between the base line and the service line.The baseliners must hit the ball after one bounce. Points are lost as in normal tennis.
-First team to 5 wins.
-The baseliners and the smashers swop over for the next game.

Coaching points

  • Smashing players need to point at the ball with non-playing hand to achieve better balance and tracking of the ball.
  • Players need to move quickly and get behind the ball in order to transfer their body weight forward when hitting.
  • Coach should check that players take the racket back and up (without dropping the racket head) when preparing for the smash.
  • More advanced players can practise top spin lobbing.

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