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One player starts on the base line with the other players at the net.

The point starts with the player on the base line hitting a lob over the player who is stood at the net.

The net player must recover by running around the ball and play the ball back into the opposition's side of the court.

Point is now live.

Coaching points

In this drill your players should be playing an offensive lob, with topspin. To get players hitting effective shots they should drop their racket lower than they would for a normal groundstroke and get under the ball as they hit it over their opponent's head.

As they follow through players should finish with the racket behind their non-racket holding shoulder before then thinking about their footwork in preparation for their opposition's return shot.


The player stood at the net is not allowed to volley the ball and should instead start running as soon as the ball has been hit.

Swap roles after each point.

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