Tennis Drill Demonstration


-Start off by placing a hoop in between the service line and the net(as shown in the picture).
-Players 1 and 2 are playing out the point whilst player 3 is trying intercept the ball that player 2 is hitting.
-The person at the net has to have at least one foot in the hoop at any one time.
-The player on their own has to avoid the person at the net by hitting all the balls wide or lobbed. If the point is won by a volley extra points are awarded.
-First one to 11 points and then swap around.

Coaching points

  • Player 2 must quickly decide whether it is better to play passing shot or lob.
  • Player 3 should keep a low position and be alert.
  • Player 2 should be encouraged to hit more short angled shots.
  • With more advanced players player 2 should be discouraged from playing lobs.

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