The Serve for Juniors

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This week we're teaching juniors how to master one of the most important parts of the game - the serve!

All young players need to be taught how to serve correctly as it is a fundamental of tennis, and if they learn how to master this at a young age, then they can progress with other parts of their game.

With superb video drills and fun games, this session is aimed to get youngsters to enjoy themselves while learning how to start games correctly. Considering players will spend half of the game serving, it is rather important that they learn how to do this at a young age.

What's in the Session?

We start with a fun warm up that soon develops into working on technique. Players are taught correct positioning and where they should be throwing the ball up to get maximum spin from the serve. We continue to teach players body positioning with a fun game, before finishing with a challenging kick serve drill.

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