Tennis Drill Demonstration


-Pick two teams, one team are the hitters, the other the runners.
-The hitters take it in turns to hit the ball over the net, back to the feeder or to a designated area.The coach has to choose the target according to players level of ability.
-The team scores a point each time a shot is hit to the agreed target.
-The runners take it in turn to run around the outside of the court, back to the team like relay race.
-Once all of the running team have done a round they shout stop, and the points of the hitting team freeze.
-The teams then swap sides and the new hitting team has to beat their score.

Coaching points

  • The drill can be set up so that the teams hit either ground strokes, volleys or even serves.
  • The target can be hitting into court or more specific areas if dealing with more advanced players.

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