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Players stand opposite one another in the service boxes and play the point out.

However, this time, the ball must be hit down into the court so that it bounces on the player's own side before it goes over the net (like in table tennis). The ball cannot therefore bounce before the opposing player makes contact with it themselves.

Points can be played up to 21 in this way.

Coaching points

This will feel strange to most players as it is the opposite of how tennis is played. However players should soon get the hang of it and good points can be constructed from playing in this way.

It encourages players to get to the ball as early as they possibly can, as it is obviously easier to hit it down if they reach the ball early.

Players will find it harder to do this on the backhand side due to wrist and arm strength so they can move around to hit more off the forehand wing if they wish.

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