The Modern Game: Applying the Backhand Slice

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In the modern game, the backhand slice is becoming an essential shot in your player’s arsenal. Develop and improve your player’s backhand slice, providing variation and mixing it up during a rally - and catch the opposition unaware! It’s also crucial that your players play the correct shot at the right time, executing it to perfection to put them on top during a rally. Get your players thinking tactically and making those correct decisions to win them games!

What’s in the Session?

Start off with a quick agility drill to get your players warmed up and on their toes, before teaching your players to learn the backspin with a simple drill - for your more advanced players, you can vary the drill for progression. Develop this skill further with some more simple yet effective drills, before we finish with a couple of rallying drills so your players can put their newly-learned skills into practice!

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The Modern Game: Applying the Backhand Slice
ben cheng
Singapore ben cheng
good technique applicable for coaching

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