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Sending and receiving low balls Session Thumbnail
Sending and receiving low balls

Help your players to reach low balls and then send their own with this session, working on the right technique and thinking tactically, for the right moment

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Cones are set in the deep zone. The coach feeds balls to the backhand and the player hits a backhand slice aiming into deep zone.

Coaching points

We have to remember that if something is difficult for us, it can be also difficult for our opponents. Practising shots from low point of contact have to make players aware that this situation is demanding and it is worthy to put opponents into it. The slice shot is a great weapon to incorporate into own games, not only because it changes spin of the rally, but also because it forces rival to deal with low balls. Without abilities to stay low and adapt technical aspects, rivals won't be able to maintain high level of play while receiving many slice shots.

In this drill, the player works on depth's control while using backhand slice. Deep balls tend to be the most effective strategy at most levels of play. This strategy guarantees that the player stays behind the baseline and has to possess skills that will let him answer these balls consistently close to the baseline. If it doesn't happen, our deep shots will provide us with situations where we receive short balls that are easy to attack and win points. Additionally, adding backspin to deep shots puts even more pressure on opponent so we can be sure that if they don't practise these shots on a regular basis, they won't be able to come up with good responses while competing.

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