Change the Spin - Backhand Slice

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The backhand slice is a commonly used shot in the modern game of tennis, and can add some much needed variety to a players' attack.

Hitting a slice can be used for a variety of reasons, whether it is to set up an approach shot, to slow the ball down while recovering from a defensive position, or to handle a low bounce. Whatever the reason, being able to hit this shot is vital to any tennis player.

What's in the Session?

Starting with a few simple backhand warm ups, we get your players used to using their backhand, getting them close to the net and rallying between themselves. We then spice things up with some cross court drills and teach your players how to put their opponent out of position. Players then work on using the backhand slice under pressure, before we put everything that has been learned into a final game, where hitting backhand slices are rewarded.

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