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The player stands at the net, with cones set up in the ad corner. The coach feeds a lob, and the player hits overhead back to the coach to deuce side. The coach then hits the ball back to the ad side, and the player finishes with deep backhand volley cross court.

Coaching points

Tennis is a tactical game so strokes should always be played with a purpose. Working on specific tactical patterns will help players to execute them automatically during the match so that is why the coach should always explain why we play balls to the specific area on the court.

In this drill the player works on tactical pattern based on overhead and backhand volley. Cross court overhead is played to put the opponent to the side and open the court while cross court backhand volley is the finishing shot. The coach should emphasize that rival's position should have an impact on power of our next stroke.

Drill tags: backhand, cross court, overhead, smash, volley

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