Passing shot drill for four or five players.

Passing shot drill for four or five players.

Is there a drill to involve four or five players to teach a passing shot? Situation would be opponent at or approaching the net and plays a poor approach.

Keith BrownCoach, England
Keith BrownCoach, England

Thanks Alex looks like a good drill that could work.  However, I am doing my Level Three Coaching Qualification and one thing the LTA/tutors hate is all of the players at one end of the court as in your example.  Although, your drill is great for developing the passing shot I am not sure I could get away with it on my assessment. 

Perhaps you could put a player the same side of the net as the coach and on the coach feed that player runs to the net to act as a target that the hitters have to avoid.  Get my point?

Ian MarshCoach, England

Hi Keith, yeah that would definitely work. No harm in making adjustments to that practice so that it meets the criteria you need in your assessment.

Tennis CoachCoach

Hi Keith,if it was singles situation,im thinking coach would feed approach  central middle to forehand player would drive to coaches backhand. Then once demo have 2 approaching 2 trying to pass,1 ball collector.

Then progress to approach ---> pass -----> play out point.

Could also put little channel for players to hit forehand downline which would be net players backhand.

Keith BrownCoach, England

Hi Jon,

Not totally sure I understand your drill completely.  I agree the coach will have to feed in to player approaching the net but this will be a very late progression after player has practised many times the passing shot. 

Tennis CoachCoach

Hi Keith,for the first progression i would have coach in middle of service box feed balls to player mid court feed they hit downline channel,then progress to player on same side as coach,the coach feeds cross,baseliner player drives downline,net player tried to get it,see impact of 3rd shot or was it a good finish etc.Then same thing but play out point.

Keith BrownCoach, England

Hi Jon,

That is more or less the lesson plan I have for my formative in a few weeks.  Closed practice I was going to put coach on service line and drop feed to players same side and get them to practice hitting flatter ball down the channels. Progression then introducing a player at net but restricting the net player to certain area of movement.  Coach would then feed to player who is trying to pass the net player.  Final progression can be unrestricted movement for net player and feeding of a more difficult ball.

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