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Net game is still alive

Get your players comfortable at the net and making some key shots with this net game session!

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The coach feeds the ball to the deuce side (close to the sideline). The player hits forehand angle cross-court and quickly comes to the net and the coach feeds another ball to the ad side. The player finishes with backhand volley cross-court.

Coaching points

Coming to the net can be a dangerous weapon if it is preceded by effective approach shot. Poor preparation shot is responsible for low percentage of balls won at the net so players have to spend more time on this aspect to firstly understand it and secondly hit it with control and pace.

In this drill, the player uses cross-court angle approach shot to open the court and create an opportunity to come to the net and finish the point with volley. Angle shot is a difficult option so only players with good control of topspin should be introduced to this strategy. The coach should remind players that cross-court approach can be risky if we don't sprint to the net because easy down the line passing shot can be executed by the opponent. That is why players have to hit approach shot and run as fast as possible to cover possible shot down the line.

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