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Net game is still alive Session Thumbnail
Net game is still alive

Get your players comfortable at the net and making some key shots with this net game session!

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The player serves from the deuce side and comes to the net. The coach hits return and both players start to rally together. The coach hits from the baseline while the player has to hit all the balls with forehand volley.

Coaching points

Serve and volley is a strategy that a lot of players used 20 years ago but it doesn't mean that it can't bring points in modern tennis. Being able to come to the net after serve is a huge opportunity to surprise opponent in singles and to put pressure on the rivals in doubles. This strategy can't be used too often if the serve is not our strength but all the players should be able to execute it from time to time to make own game more dangerous.

In this drill, the player works on transition to the net after serving. As with any approach shot coach has to explain to players how to serve to make this strategy successful. Flat serves connected with movement to the net can be surprising and produce returning mistakes but if we play against good returners fast serve won't be effective for us. The faster the serve goes the shorter time we have to come to the net so players should consider kick serves as a preparation to come to the net and continue the point with rally. Serve and the first volley are the most important – if players are able to control these factors they will win a lot of points both in singles and in doubles.

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