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Net game is still alive

Get your players comfortable at the net and making some key shots with this net game session!

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The player serves wide to the deuce side and the coach feeds short ball to deuce side. The player hits deep forehand approach shot cross-court and comes to the net. The coach feeds another ball to deuce side and the player finishes with forehand volley cross-court.

Coaching points

Doubles game requires different strategical decisions than individual version so players have to train these skills to be able to perform given actions even under pressure. It is not surprising to see that top doubles players are not great in singles so it is confirmation that 4 players on the court require others skills than game where 2 players battle against each other. Understanding these differences and working on them during training sessions are the only ways to win more matches.

In this drill, the player works on scenario that is useful in doubles. Starting with the serve going wide is a great opportunity to open the court and allow our partner to poach on weaker return. If it is not possible server can hit good deep approach shot and come to the net to put more pressure on the baseline opponent. Another part of this strategy is the first volley deep to put rival back and get better position to finish the point with the next shot. In this strategy, focus is put on putting pressure on the baseline rival, eliminating net rival from the point and getting good net position to win the point.

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