No more Boring Basket Drills

Creating a well-rounded player, comfortable in all areas of the court it vital. Keeping a player motivated during training to grind out all the necessary practice is equally as vital but can be particularly tough to manage.

This week, to keep the player interested for the whole session, we work on many aspects of the players game, from the baseline, all the way to approaching the net. The practices vary between interesting basket drills to iron out techniques, and live-ball hitting to put the practices into the perspective of a game situation.

What's in the Session?

The session begins with an extensive warm-up plus physiological movements to prepare the body for practice, most specifically, focussing on engaging the rotator cuff. The first technical practice encourages the players to change the direction of their shots, alternating from hitting down the line to playing cross court. The next practices works the players footwork and tests how they adjust their movements to get into a position to return the ball to the ad side of the court each time.

The second section of the session moves in from the baseline and works the players ability to approach the net and still maintain control of the point. The coach encourages the player to control the depth on their volleys and half volleys at the net to force the opponent to back peddle to make the next ball. Finally, the coach then develops the players topspin lob when the opponent approaches the net.

Bringing together all these parts of the game will develop a comfort in the player in all areas of the court. The variety of shot it covers will keep them interested and ready to adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in on the court.



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