Cross-court forehands - The baseline blaster

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This week's session looks at one of the most exciting and fun shots that players can strike in a game - the Cross-court Forehand.

This exhilarating stroke is key for players who are hoping to win their baseline battles. Not only does it enable them to keep their opponent deep on their side of the court but it's also a relatively safe shot to play, with a high completion percentage as the ball passes over the lowest point on the net.

  • This smashing session, perfect for groups large and small, will work on your players forehand stroke, inside-out forehand and their all round footwork on the court.

Players will really enjoy this hard hitting session, with more experienced players experimenting with top spin for even deeper shot play. However, you'll have to remind your players that as much as the cross court forehand is a powerful stroke it is only effective as long as it isn't predictable.

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