category: Agility-Running-Skills

1) Run down channels 1/2 / 3/4 pace. 2) No forward passes.3) Use 6 balls / 6 runners at the same time.Variation1) Speed it up.2) Sidestep within the c...

Pass Within A Channel

category: Passing

Set up the 10m x 40m Grid as shown.4 cones and 1 ball per group.Split the group into teams of three. On the coaches command the players start running...

Pass Within A Channel

category: Passing

Tell the players the following..... This is simple, just attack from the bottom and top of the grid at pace. There can be two groups in the grid at a...

Open Channel

category: Passing

Give each training area one ball and tell the players the following...... Lets just get the ball moving down the line. Give the player at the start...

Web Videos

Rugby songs on channel 4 quiz

Dewey Morris is surprised by an unexpected quiz on Rugby Songs on Channels 4s RISE programme - Song excerpts from Ron & the Rude Boys 5 CD collection ...



Contact and Handling skills

Play with forward momentum and get your players back into the swing of offloading the ball when under pressure

Community Drills

impact tackle warm up

split into 5s line up on the 5M line against each opposite a tackle channelThe remaining groups of 5 line up behind them5 players on tackle bags, on &...

Game 2 - Channel defence

As above game, but D can now have one roaming defender as a full back that can enter the wide channelsAttack can now attack either channel - game sens...

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• Grid area marked with cones. Matched coloured cones in each corner and 22 line indicated.• Set up with 6x defenders on 22 line with 3x att...