Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 10+ 
  • Ball 
  • Bibs. 

In 5m Channel have 4 defenders stood one behind eachother 5m apart. 

Have 4 defenders stood in diamond formation. 1 ball carrier, 2 support runners, 1 trailer runner. 

Ball carrier takes on defender, trying to  manoeuvre the defender or get on the outside of the defender using footwork and fend. 

Once the player has line of sight of a supporting attacker, the attacker returns to 2 hands on the ball, then offloads to support runner. 

The trailer runner then becomes the second support runner. 

continue up the grid until the defenders left. 

Coaching points


  • Use footwork 
  • Use fend. 
  • ensure you have a line of sight to support runner before offloading - (no blind passes) 
  • Use a question mark shape to try manoeuvre the defender out the way off the offload. 

Support Runners;

  • Tempo Running. 
  • Do not get in-front. 
  • Accelerate onto the ball. 
  • Lots of communication - let attacker know where you are. 
  • Come in close - do not make the pass difficult. 

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